About Us

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Warner Custom Homes Inc. has been proudly serving Sonoma County for over 20 years. Owner, Sean Warner, is a second generation contractor with extensive experience in all trades. WCH Inc. has in-house tradesmen and a large network of loyal subcontractors that contribute to the success of our team. This professional team of tradesmen are dedicated, build with pride, and truly enjoy what they do. WCH Inc specializes in building homes from the ground up, no matter the size. We also have a large portfolio of residential remodels, including kitchens, baths and additions. We also install our own foundations, with company owned excavation equipment. Over the years, we have found that doing our own foundations eliminates problems and mistakes made by other companies, it helps the whole project start out on a good note. As community members, our team was heartbroken when fires devastated our community in 2017. Our hearts go out to all the victims and families that were affected by the fires..As our community begins to rebuild, we are proud to be part of this important process. Warner Custom Homes Inc. and our team of skilled subcontractors are committed to supporting the rebuilding process. Not only are we working with homeowners that have lost their houses in the fires, we also worked with local architects, designers, engineers, and building officials to help make the rebuilding process as efficient as possible. WCH is currently building our second fire rebuild home, both projects are going great. Do to the size of our company, we are only able to build two homes at one time. Unfortunately, I see many contractors/builders in the burn area spreading themselves too thin and therefore, their projects are not their best work. This is not fair to the owner and under no circumstance will WCH Inc. compromise quality for quantity. I prefer to be hands on with every project, as well as, provide planning and design. One comment our clients make over and over again is how nice it is to work directly with the owner of the company.. As our first fire rebuild home nears completion, we are looking for another fire home to rebuild. If you are interested in getting your project started, please give us a call. We will be available in June. We are seeing costs from $300- $600 per square foot in the rebuild area, It all depends on the lot and complexity of the house.. We have great references and are happy to answer any questions..